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Foto Set of Avatar The Movie

COSTING more than £180million, it is the most expensive film ever. Avatar, created by Titanic director JAMES CAMERON the lavish 3D sci-fi flick is not released until December 18 but is already being hailed as the film that will change the future of cinema. The Internet is buzzed with the topic on Avatar (not the Avatar AirBender) including the photo, poster, video clips, teasers and trailers.

avatar movie poster

Of course, the film is making a buzz because of this technology, but Cameron is keen to stress that film, as ever, is about story, and the aim is not to bamboozle and distract viewers with special effects.

avatar movie poster

It's not the first time cinema has flirted with 3D - Alfred Hitchcock even experimented with the technology when he filmed Dial M for Murder in the 1950s.

But the results have often been derided, either for hokey effects or poor stories, with Spy Kids 3D and Journey to the Centre of the Earth both getting a lukewarm reception.

avatar movie technology

avatar movie planes

avatar movie pandora

avatar movie native

avatar movie jungle

avatar movie jungle

avatar movie cgi

avatar movie blue face

avatar movie battle

The Avatar storyline

It focuses on Jake Sully, played by Sam Worthington, who took one of the lead roles in this summer's Terminator 4, on Cameron's recommendation.

Jake is a former Marine who is confined to a wheelchair following a war on Earth. He is selected to take part in the Avatar program - where his mind will control a healthy body on a remote world - and sent to Pandora, a rainforest-covered moon with a mix of beautiful and terrifying creatures, known as the Na'vi.

These are sentient, humanoid beings, considered primitive by humans - but this turns out to be a grave misjudgment once humans decide to savagely claim the world as their own.

Meanwhile, Jake has to decide where his allegiances lie in a battle which will decide the fate of the two planets.

avatar movie alien

The creature above looks to be some sort of strange mix between Predator and Tron.

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