Sunday, November 8, 2009

Foto Set of Amazing Futuristic Chairs

Foto set of amazing futuristic designer chairs. Great ideas great designs.

This colorful set of suitcases could be combined into a sofa (with lots of storage space) when you need to take a load off.

This isn't your grandmother's rocking. Novague's rocking chair would contain a dyanmo within that could convert the mechanic energy produced by your rocking on the chair to power its LED reading lamp.

Named after Morpheus, the ancient Greek god of sleep, the Morfeo sofa-bed has bendable Shrek-like reading lamp "ears" on either side.

This sofa doubles as a sitting device and a thought-portrait. Designers Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen build the customized sofa by capturing just seconds of brain activity through EEG, then using the "brain waves" to carve your mental map into a block of foam.

The Obelisk is a tower of stackable lawn furniture. It can be four chairs and a table -- or a giant sculptural pod.

The design concept for "Untitled Chair" features 100 gas shock absorbers that allow the piece of furniture to respond to pressure and adjust its shape around a human's form.

The Breathing Chair, inspired by plant cells, looks like a big block of tofu. The designer carefully calculated the size and location of the triangular voids in the chair to ensure that they could bend and flex around pressure. The block compresses into a chair-like shape when a person sits down.

The Robotic Chair can self-destruct, then put itself back together again. With a "brain" in its seat controlling its movement, the chair can collapse into a heap, then gradually stabilize itself, finding its footing, and piecing its legs back together again.

The ultimate chair for music lovers and people who always have to be plugged in. The Sonic Chair has a silver arm that can hold a computer or iPod, or even be attached to a computer monitor. Speakers inside the pod ensure the ultimate music-listening experience.

Gabriel Canas's colorful Tetris Chair is inspired by the computer game

The Stardust line of sofas and pillows look innocuous during the day -- simple, white boxy furniture -- then come alive in the evening, glowing from within.


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