Monday, August 10, 2009

Photo Set of Taiwan Typhoon Morakat Terror

Typhoon Morakot, the worst storm to hit Taiwan in 50 years, swamped the island with 83 in. of rain on Aug. 7 and 8 before slamming the mainland Chinese coast, where a million people were evacuated. Fewer than 20 people have been reported killed.

Nature's Fury - Waves crash the beach at the city of Wenling along China's southeast coast as Typhoon Morakot swept ashore on Aug. 7.

Big Blow - Residents of Changle in southeastern China remove an uprooted tree from a roadway that was downed by high winds.

Helping Hands - Rescuers carry a woman through floodwaters in Linbian, Taiwan.

A River Runs Through It - The Xinhua news agency released a photo of a man in Cangnan, in east China's Zhejiang province, as he navigated floodwaters on a makeshift raft.

Washed Away - Floodwater from the typhoon caused the collapsed of Hotel Chin Shuai in Chihpen in southeastern Taiwan's Taitung county. Troops have been dispatched to rescue thousands of residents trapped in the island's worst flooding in 50 years.

Pushing On - Braving waves from Typhoon Morakot, a woman near Manila Bay in the Philippines collects recyclable materials from garbage washed ashore by the storm.

Stranded - Rescuers try to recover a car from rising floodwaters in China's Zhejiang province, where authorities ordered a mass evacuation.

High Water - An Aug. 10 government photo shows the extent of flooding caused by the typhoon in southern Taiwan.

Keeping On - Despite flooded streets in southern Taiwan's Pingtung county, residents tried to go about their daily routines.

Muddy Waters - Typhoon Morakot's destructive strength damaged a bridge linking the cities of Pingtung and Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan.

Photos from China Daily / Reuters / Cherly Ravelo / STR / AFP / Getty Images / Stringer / Sam Yeh / Wang Dingchang / Xinhua

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