Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Avcen JetPod

The Jetpod or so called VQSTOL (Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing) with runway distance required of 125m (410ft) for take-off and landing by using a vertical component of engine thrust. The Jetpod has over-wing engines and uses noise attenuation materials and systems to reduce engine noise by a further -18 to -22 decibels or the equivalent of a 50% reduction in jet noise. The maximum operating speed is 340 knots.

The Jetpod design has been made by AVCEN which is a small aerospace company based in London that is solely dedicated to the design and production of the Jetpod aircraft.

The JetPod was invented by Michael Robert Dacre. Unfortunately, Michael Robert Dacre died in a tragic accident when he was conducting a pilot test on the aircraft in a town in Malaysia.


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