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Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods

The American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement on Feb. 22, recommending the labeling and possible redesign of hot dogs to prevent choking deaths among children. Here's a look at 10 risky foods

Hot Dogs
Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
They're much more than a tailgating staple. In a new paper, the American Academy of Pediatrics says hot dogs are also a choking hazard to children and should come with a warning label. About 17% of food-related asphyxiations in those younger than 10 are caused by hot dogs, according to a 41-state study cited in the paper.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Served in paper-thin slices by expert chefs, fugu combines luxury with a high-stakes gamble. The intestines, ovaries and liver of fugu (or blowfish) contain a poison called tetrodotoxin, which is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. The toxin is so potent that a lethal dose is smaller than the head of a pin, and a single fish has enough poison to kill 30 people. See Freshwater Puffer Fish - Ikan Buntal

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
In Jamaica, the ackee fruit is a mixed blessing. Though originally native to West Africa, it migrated to Jamaica in 1778 and is now the country's national fruit. If improperly eaten, though, ackee can cause what has been dubbed the Jamaican Vomiting Sickness — which, other than the self-explanatory symptoms, can lead to coma or death. Unripe ackee fruit contains a poison called hypoglycin, so preparers must be careful to wait until the fruit's protective pods turn red and open naturally.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Don't let Mr. Peanut's top hat and monocle fool you — beneath that gentlemanly exterior lies one deadly little nut if you're one of the roughly 1% of the population that has a peanut allergy. It's the most common cause of food-allergy deaths, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology.

Leafy Greens
Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Leafy greens — including spinach, lettuce, cabbage, arugula and kale — were listed as the riskiest foods of 2009, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, which is regulated by the FDA. The group identified 363 separate outbreaks linked to the veggies last year; 240 of those cases were linked to food from restaurants.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Rhubarb, the vegetable so celebrated for its role in pastries that it's also known as the "pie plant," has a kick to it. While rhubarb has a medicinal history originating in Asia, ingesting a large amount of the leaves can cause poisoning. The CDC warns that neither cooked nor raw rhubarb leaves should be consumed, owing to the toxins (including oxalate) they contain. Stick with the stalk.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Popular among elementary-school students and foodies alike, tuna has become one of the most widely consumed fish in the world. It also has one of the worst reputations. A well-publicized 2004 U.S. government advisory warned consumers against eating too much of the fish out of concern that the high mercury levels could damage the nervous system and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Better known to Americans as tapioca, the pudding favorite is produced from the roots of this bush-like plant. But the crop can have deadly consequences. If prepared incorrectly, the cassava plant can produce cyanide, a deadly compound when consumed.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods
Aside from the possibility of increased heart rate, trouble sleeping and discoloration of teeth, there's another a way that a cup of joe can be detrimental to your well being. Call it the burned-crotch effect or the java jump and jive, because when that hot liquid hits your lap, you'll stop at nothing to end the pain.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods

Are you really surprised? Aside from hallucinogenic properties, mushrooms can also kill. Varieties like the Death Cap, Destroying Angels and Deadly Webcap are highly poisonous and capable of inducing death (i.e. killing you).

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