Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Foto Set of Critters Up Close

Foto Set collection of Critters up close. Small thing made to look big.

Coccinellidae (Lady Bug) - The latin name for the lady bug - Coccinellidae - literally means 'little red sphere'. However, these little beauties can also be red, pink, yellow and even black!

Wet Dog's Nose - Ever wondered why your dog's nose is nearly always wet? Well, it's because that's how man's best friend sweats. They literally perspire through their noses, tongues and paws.

Gecko Eye - These little critters are the only reptiles that can use their voices to make all manner of noises, from barking to chirping. Other lizards can only hiss.

Maevia Inclemens (Jumping Spider) - Jumping spiders like this one could give even the best Olympic long-jumpers a run for their money. Jumping over 40 times its own length makes for an impressive (and possibly scary) sight!

Solenopsis (Red Ant) - These irritating little tykes first came to the US in the 1930s in soil that was being used as ballast for a ship.

Helix Aspera (Garden Snail) - Snails have a reputation for being slow for good reason: it takes these slimy beasts over three minutes to move just two feet.

Felis Catus (Cat) - Oh, to be a cat! If you've ever thought your cat was a lazy bones, you'd be right. They tend to sleep between 12 and 14 hours per day. What a life.

Eptesicus Fuscus (Brown Bat) - Of all the species of bat this one is reportedly the fastest. At over 40 miles per hour, Eptesicus fuscus is one snappy animal.

Holcocephala Fusca (Robber Fly) - These eyes may look huge, but the Robber fly measures in at a diminutive 5 - 7 mm.


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