Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo Set of Neverland Ranch

Photos: Inside Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

The Main House - The centerpiece of the property is a 13,000 sq. ft. house in French country style.

Foyer - The owner of the property is real estate firm Colony Capital LLC. It bought Neverland Ranch in a joint venture with Jackson in 2008, when his finances collapsed.

Kitchen - The house and grounds are maintained by a small staff.

Master Bedroom - Much of the interior has not been updated since Jackson bought the house in the 1980s. Since he left, some portions have fallen into disrepair.

Master Bath - The bathtub affords a commanding view of the grounds.

The Secret Room - Three deadbolts secure a door to a room where Jackson stored valuable items. This photograph was taken from inside the room, which was accessed through a cedar-lined walk-in closet.

The Neverland Train Station - The property boasts two railroads.

The Train Station Interior - A spiral staircase leads to a loft that overlooks the station.

The Pool - Elizabeth Taylor gave Jackson this ice cream cart as a gift.

The Wine Cellar - This room is located underneath the pool house.

Upstairs Room - A room inside the main house is lined with shelves and a wall mural.

The Grounds - The ranch occupies 2,700 acres and features numerous fountains.

D├ęcor - Very little of Jackson's presence remains at Neverland, save perhaps for pieces like this one. In anticipation of the media's attention, the house staff restored 40 of the statues of children at play that once adorned the grounds.


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